6 Tools we use to grow our Startup

As a small 10 person team every day we look for new tools to make our lives more productive, improve communication and help us plan ahead. Below are the top 6 tools we use to grow our company.

6). Google Drive, Docs & Gmail

Collaboration is key, and one of the best tools we have available to us is Google. Drive and Docs are frequently the most used tools within our company.

Instead of meetings we write documents; having everyone put their ideas down on ‘virtual’ paper is incredibly valuable. It allows everyone to give feedback in their own time rather than under the pressure and time constraints of a typical meeting. — Learn more about Drive »

5). TweetDeck

We create tools for the developer community, a community that is very vocal about its opinions on Twitter. — TweetDeck has served as an invaluable tool for both customer service, and account management, allowing us to keep on-top of valuable clients, industry conversation and helping us stay in tune with the needs of the community. — Learn more about TweetDeck »

4). GitHub

While I’m sure GitHub needs no introduction, it’s at the forefront of our development process and deployment pipeline. In a multi-developer environment having clear tools for collaboration helps you get things done faster. — GitHub allows us to develop and deploy code daily in a multi-developer, distributed team. — Learn more about GitHub »

3). Sifter

Second only to being able to develop new features is our ability to fix bugs. Sifter is an awesome tool for our developers (and the rest of the team) to keep on-top of what we’re building and fixing. — Learn more about Sifter »

2). RelateIQ

After experimenting with almost every CRM on the market, we settled on Relate IQ. It’s automatic entry of “intelligent” fields, eg. “Days since last contacted”, are useful and time-saving. Most importantly of all, the ability to add a new lead to the CRM is incredibly efficient, allowing the team to focus on managing clients rather than our CRM software. — Learn more about RelateIQ »

1). HipChat

Probably the most understated tool at Paddle (and by far the most used) is HipChat. Using HC our team is able to stay on-top of tasks, collaborate, share files and generally be more productive — the best news is that HipChat just became completely free. Insane. — Learn more about HipChat »

What tools does your team use to stay productive?

We're always looking for more ways to collaborate and learn. Let us know in the comments below!

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